The Minister of Labour and Social Policy Michaela Marksová and the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek have visited the CDS - VIROPLASTIC CZ Plant in Frýdek-Místek

On Tuesday, August 23th 2016, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Dr. Michaela Marksová and the Minister of Industry and Trade Dr. Jan Mládek visited our Plant Viroplastic CZ as part of their official visit in the city of Frýdek-Mistek

The two Ministers were particularly interested in the industrial area in the city and surroundings,  “The Representatives Authorities of  Frýdek-Mistek wanted to show Marksová and Mládek the examples of modern and efficient Companies in Frýdek-Mistek District. For these reasons they have chosen our Plant CDS - VIROPLASTIC CZ in the industrial area of Lískovec and the Company Vyncke  in the area of Chlebovice.

So Ministers visited our production departments and seen the automatic production of plastic caps for beverages  “… that in August it is at its full capacity” said the Director of  CDS - VIROPLASTIC CZ, Ing Karel Kadlubiec.

During their visit the two Ministers also were related about some local problems, including the necessity to improve the technical qualification of young technics after their high technical school education, and even the request to create a special course of study for specialization in plastic injection techniques. “Actually we have to train our new employees directly working on the machines – said Mr. Karel Kadlubiec – with the consequent problem, when they are formed, of keeping the most promising of them in the area ”

“The production of plastic caps, is the core business of CDS - VIROPLASTIC CZ, and it’s clearly affected by a strong seasonality linked to the consumption of mineral water and soft drinks in plastic bottles. For six months our production goes on seven days a week, while for the rest of the year we can get down to five days a week – said the engineer Kadlubiec – the 2014 and 2015 were record years, even for the very hot summers, but this year we manage to keep a similar production level, despite the significantly cooler summer “, the Director Kadlubiec concluded.